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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Jens Esping 様

Jens Esping 様

F/W 13-14 Tokyo mastermind JAPAN
Jens Esping3054_FW13 Tokyo mastermind JAPAN(apparel-web.com)

Jens Esping3052_FW13 Tokyo mastermind JAPAN(apparel-web.com)

Jens Esping3056_FW13 Tokyo mastermind JAPAN(apparel-web.com)
Jens Esping (Photo: Koji Hirano @ apparel-web.com)


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  2. Jens Esping
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Jens Esping 様

Jens Esping 様

F/W 12-13 Milan Missoni
Jens Esping3049_FW12 Milan Missoni(fashionising.com)
Jens Esping (Photo: fashionising.com)

Jens Esping3048_FW12 Milan Missoni(VOGUE)
Jens Esping (Photo: VOGUE)

F/W 12-13 Milan John Varvatos
Jens Esping3045_FW12 Milan John Varvatos(VOGUE)

Jens Esping3046_FW12 Milan John Varvatos(VOGUE)

Jens Esping3047_FW12 Milan John Varvatos(fashionising.com)
Jens Esping (Photo: VOGUE)

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  2. Jens Esping
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Jens Esping 様

Jens Esping 様

AG Jeans
Jens Esping0082_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0083_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0084_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0085_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0086_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0087_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0088_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0089_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0090_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0091_AG Jeans AW12

Jens Esping0093_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0094_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0095_AG Jeans AW12Jens Esping0096_AG Jeans AW12
Model: Jens Esping (Photo: AG Jeans)

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  2. Jens Esping
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Jens Esping 様

Jens Esping 様

MHL.× HOUYHNHNM Autumn Winter 2012 collection
Jens Esping0073_MHL.× HOUYHNHNM AW12

Jens Esping0074_MHL.× HOUYHNHNM AW12

Jens Esping0076_MHL.× HOUYHNHNM AW12
Model: Jens Esping (Photo: MHL.× HOUYHNHNM)
Photographer: Kiyotaka Hatanaka
Stylist: Naoki Ikeda
Make-up: Mariko Shimada

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  2. Jens Esping
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Jens Esping 様

Jens Esping 様

Burberry Black Label Autumn & Winter 2012 Collection
Jens Esping0051_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0052_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0053_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0054_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0055_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0056_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0057_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0058_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0059_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0060_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0061_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0062_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0063_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0064_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0065_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0066_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0067_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0068_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0069_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0070_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0071_Burberry Black Label AW12

Jens Esping0072_Burberry Black Label AW12
Model: Jens Esping (Photo: Burberry Black Label)
Photographer: Yosuke Morikawa
Hair and Make: YUUK(super sonic)

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  2. Jens Esping
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