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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS16 Milan Gucci

SS16 Milan Gucci
Photo: fashionising.com
SS16 Milan Gucci023_Dominik Sadoch(fashionising.com)
Dominik Sadoch

SS16 Milan Gucci020_Eugen Ivanov(fashionising.com)
Eugen Ivanov

SS16 Milan Gucci021_Eduard Badaluta(fashionising.com)
Eduard Badaluta

SS16 Milan Gucci006_Alfons Miari(fashionising.com)
Alfons Miari

SS16 Milan Gucci025_Ryan Keating(fashionising.com)
Ryan Keating

SS16 Milan Gucci034_Jesper Trip(fashionising.com)
Jesper Trip


Other Look↓

SS16 Milan Gucci
Photo: fashionising.com
SS16 Milan Gucci001_Love Ronnlund(fashionising.com)
001 Love Ronnlund

SS16 Milan Gucci002_Cosme Carellas(fashionising.com)
002 Cosme Carellas

SS16 Milan Gucci003_Nick Shaw(fashionising.com)
003 Nick Shaw

SS16 Milan Gucci004_Charlie Smith(fashionising.com)
004 Charlie Smith

SS16 Milan Gucci005_Benas Drukteinis(fashionising.com)
005 Benas Drukteinis

SS16 Milan Gucci006_Alfons Miari(fashionising.com)
006 Alfons Miari

SS16 Milan Gucci007_Tim Dibble(fashionising.com)
007 Tim Dibble

SS16 Milan Gucci008_Ned Barton(fashionising.com)
008 Ned Barton

SS16 Milan Gucci009_Taavi Mand(fashionising.com)
009 Taavi Mand

SS16 Milan Gucci010_Arnis Cielava(fashionising.com)
010 Arnis Cielava

SS16 Milan Gucci011_Kristians Laizans(fashionising.com)
011 Kristians Laizans

SS16 Milan Gucci012_Dane Bell(fashionising.com)
012 Dane Bell

SS16 Milan Gucci013_Michael Algeborg(fashionising.com)
013 Michael Algeborg

SS16 Milan Gucci014_Jack Chambers(fashionising.com)
014 Jack Chambers

SS16 Milan Gucci015_Liviu Scortanu(fashionising.com)
015 Liviu Scortanu

SS16 Milan Gucci016_Knut Roertveit(fashionising.com)
016 Knut Roertveit

SS16 Milan Gucci017_Reid Rohling(fashionising.com)
017 Reid Rohling

SS16 Milan Gucci018_Josef Utekal(fashionising.com)
018 Josef Utekal

SS16 Milan Gucci019_Laurie Harding(fashionising.com)
019 Laurie Harding

SS16 Milan Gucci020_Eugen Ivanov(fashionising.com)
020 Eugen Ivanov

SS16 Milan Gucci021_Eduard Badaluta(fashionising.com)
021 Eduard Badaluta

SS16 Milan Gucci022_Truls Martinsson(fashionising.com)
022 Truls Martinsson

SS16 Milan Gucci023_Dominik Sadoch(fashionising.com)
023 Dominik Sadoch

SS16 Milan Gucci024_Mathieu Perrais(fashionising.com)
024 Mathieu Perrais

SS16 Milan Gucci025_Ryan Keating(fashionising.com)
025 Ryan Keating

SS16 Milan Gucci026_Anton Toftgard(fashionising.com)
026 Anton Toftgard

SS16 Milan Gucci027_Ben Rees(fashionising.com)
027 Ben Rees

SS16 Milan Gucci028_Norman Grossklaus(fashionising.com)
028 Norman Grossklaus

SS16 Milan Gucci029_Gabriel Hengeveld(fashionising.com)
029 Gabriel Hengeveld

SS16 Milan Gucci030_Hugo Goldhoorn(fashionising.com)
030 Hugo Goldhoorn

SS16 Milan Gucci031_Ole Stirnberg(fashionising.com)
031 Ole Stirnberg

SS16 Milan Gucci032_Martin Bohlin(fashionising.com)
032 Martin Bohlin

SS16 Milan Gucci033_Emil Hamkens(fashionising.com)
033 Emil Hamkens

SS16 Milan Gucci034_Jesper Trip(fashionising.com)
034 Jesper Trip

SS16 Milan Gucci035_Hugh Laughton-Scott(fashionising.com)
035 Hugh Laughton-Scott

SS16 Milan Gucci036_Sven de Vries(fashionising.com)
036 Sven de Vries

SS16 Milan Gucci037_Charlie Adshead(fashionising.com)
037 Charlie Adshead

SS16 Milan Gucci038_Dominik Hahn(fashionising.com)
038 Dominik Hahn

SS16 Milan Gucci039_Lucas Jayden Satherley(fashionising.com)
039 Lucas Jayden Satherley

SS16 Milan Gucci040_Marian Kubler(fashionising.com)
040 Marian Kubler

SS16 Milan Gucci041_Christopher Paskowski(fashionising.com)
041 Christopher Paskowski

SS16 Milan Gucci042_Roan Louch(fashionising.com)
042 Roan Louch

SS16 Milan Gucci043_Tom Gaskin(fashionising.com)
043 Tom Gaskin

SS16 Milan Gucci044_Erik Van Gils(fashionising.com)
044 Erik Van Gils

SS16 Milan Gucci045_Rory Cooper(fashionising.com)
045 Rory Cooper

SS16 Milan Gucci046_Love Ronnlund(fashionising.com)
046 Love Ronnlund

reference of model name: MODELS.com & The Fashion Spot

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