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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.



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FW15/16 Paris Hermes BS Part.1

FW15/16 Paris Hermes BS Part.1
Photo: fashionising.com & VOGUE
FW15 Paris Hermes211_Dzhovani Gospodinov(fashionising.com)
Dzhovani Gospodinov

FW15 Paris Hermes207_Timur Simakov(fashionising.com)
Timur Simakov

FW15 Paris Hermes203_Jack Chambers(fashionising.com)
Jack Chambers

Other Look↓

FW15/16 Paris Hermes BS Part.1
Photo: fashionising.com
FW15 Paris Hermes201_Tom Gaskin(fashionising.com)
001 Tom Gaskin

FW15 Paris Hermes202_Linus Wordemann(fashionising.com)
002 Linus Wordemann

FW15 Paris Hermes203_Jack Chambers(fashionising.com)
003 Jack Chambers

FW15 Paris Hermes204_Henry Kitcher(fashionising.com)
004 Henry Kitcher

FW15 Paris Hermes205_Connor Paterson(fashionising.com)
005 Connor Paterson

FW15 Paris Hermes206_Ilir Shanja(fashionising.com)
006 Ilir Shanja

FW15 Paris Hermes207_Timur Simakov(fashionising.com)
007 Timur Simakov

FW15 Paris Hermes208_Li Chen(fashionising.com)
008 Li Chen

FW15 Paris Hermes209_Li Chen(fashionising.com)
009 Li Chen

FW15 Paris Hermes210_Yan(fashionising.com)
010 Yan

FW15 Paris Hermes211_Dzhovani Gospodinov(fashionising.com)
011 Dzhovani Gospodinov

FW15 Paris Hermes302_Linus Wordemann(fashionising.com)
012 Linus Wordemann

FW15 Paris Hermes303_Linus Wordemann(fashionising.com)
013 Linus Wordemann

FW15 Paris Hermes304_Fionn Creber, Tom Gaskin(fashionising.com)
014 Fionn Creber, Tom Gaskin

FW15 Paris Hermes305_Fionn Creber, Tom Gaskin(fashionising.com)
015 Fionn Creber, Tom Gaskin

FW15 Paris Hermes306_George Barnett(fashionising.com)
016 George Barnett

FW15 Paris Hermes307_George Barnett(fashionising.com)
017 George Barnett

FW15 Paris Hermes308_Connor Paterson, Ilir Shanja(fashionising.com)
018 Connor Paterson, Ilir Shanja

FW15 Paris Hermes309_Connor Paterson(fashionising.com)
019 Connor Paterson

FW15 Paris Hermes310_Henry Kitcher, Jack Chambers(fashionising.com)
020 Henry Kitcher, Jack Chambers

FW15 Paris Hermes311_Henry Kitcher, Jack Chambers(fashionising.com)
021 Henry Kitcher, Jack Chambers

FW15 Paris Hermes312_Henry Kitcher(fashionising.com)
022 Henry Kitcher

FW15 Paris Hermes313_Henry Kitcher(fashionising.com)
023 Henry Kitcher

FW15 Paris Hermes314_Henry Kitcher, Connor Paterson(fashionising.com)
024 Kitcher, Connor Paterson

FW15 Paris Hermes315_Henry Kitcher, Connor Paterson(fashionising.com)
025 Kitcher, Connor Paterson

FW15 Paris Hermes316_Tom Gaskin, Linus Wordemann(fashionising.com)
026 Tom Gaskin, Linus Wordemann

FW15 Paris Hermes317_Tom Gaskin, Linus Wordemann(fashionising.com)
027 Tom Gaskin, Linus Wordemann

FW15 Paris Hermes318_Ilir Shanja(fashionising.com)
028 Ilir Shanja

FW15 Paris Hermes319_Ilir Shanja(fashionising.com)
029 Ilir Shanja

FW15 Paris Hermes320_Li Chen, Yan, Jin Dachuan(fashionising.com)
030 Li Chen, Yan, Jin Dachuan

reference of model name: MODELS.com

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