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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS15 Milan Corneliani

SS15 Milan Corneliani
Photo: VOGUE
SS15 Milan Corneliani002_Charlie France(VOGUE)
Charlie France

SS15 Milan Corneliani003_Ben Allen(VOGUE)
Ben Allen

SS15 Milan Corneliani004_Kristoffer Hasslevall(VOGUE)
Kristoffer Hasslevall

SS15 Milan Corneliani005_Paul Boche(VOGUE)
Paul Boche

SS15 Milan Corneliani014_Adrian Bosch(VOGUE)
Adrian Bosch

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SS15 Milan Corneliani
Photo: VOGUE
SS15 Milan Corneliani001_Mihai Bran(VOGUE)
001 Mihai Bran

SS15 Milan Corneliani002_Charlie France(VOGUE)
002 Charlie France

SS15 Milan Corneliani003_Ben Allen(VOGUE)
003 Ben Allen

SS15 Milan Corneliani004_Kristoffer Hasslevall(VOGUE)
004 _Kristoffer Hasslevall

SS15 Milan Corneliani005_Paul Boche(VOGUE)
005 Paul Boche

SS15 Milan Corneliani006_Baptiste Radufe(VOGUE)
006 Baptiste Radufe

SS15 Milan Corneliani007_Matthijs Meel(VOGUE)
007 Matthijs Meel

SS15 Milan Corneliani008_Roberto Sipos(VOGUE)
008 Roberto Sipos

SS15 Milan Corneliani009_Linus Wordemann(VOGUE)
009 Linus Wordemann

SS15 Milan Corneliani010_Martin Conte(VOGUE)
010 Martin Conte

SS15 Milan Corneliani011_Felix Gesnouin(VOGUE)
011 Felix Gesnouin

SS15 Milan Corneliani012_Conrad Bromfield(VOGUE)
012 Conrad Bromfield

SS15 Milan Corneliani013_Camil Windak(VOGUE)
013 Camil Windak

SS15 Milan Corneliani014_Adrian Bosch(VOGUE)
014 Adrian Bosch

SS15 Milan Corneliani015_Jacob Morton(VOGUE)
015 Jacob Morton

SS15 Milan Corneliani016_Robert Laby(VOGUE)
016 Robert Laby

SS15 Milan Corneliani017_Jeremy Matos(VOGUE)
017 Jeremy Matos

SS15 Milan Corneliani018_Malcolm de Ruiter(VOGUE)
018 Malcolm de Ruiter

SS15 Milan Corneliani019_Alexander Ferrario(VOGUE)
019 Alexander Ferrario

SS15 Milan Corneliani020_Jakub Pastor(VOGUE)
020 Jakub Pastor

SS15 Milan Corneliani021_Jake Love(VOGUE)
021 Jake Love

SS15 Milan Corneliani022_Matvey Lykov(VOGUE)
022 _Matvey Lykov

SS15 Milan Corneliani023_Jester White(VOGUE)
023 Jester White

SS15 Milan Corneliani024_Jin Dachuan(VOGUE)
024 Jin Dachuan

SS15 Milan Corneliani025_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
025 Yannick Abrath

SS15 Milan Corneliani026_Yannick Sylla @ Joy Models(VOGUE)
026 Yannick Sylla

SS15 Milan Corneliani027_Christian Garcia(VOGUE)
027 Christian Garcia

SS15 Milan Corneliani028_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
028 Arthur Gosse
SS15 Milan Corneliani029_Darwin Gray(VOGUE)
029 Darwin Gray

SS15 Milan Corneliani030_Simon Fitskie(VOGUE)
030 Simon Fitskie

SS15 Milan Corneliani031_Knut Roertveit(VOGUE)
031 Knut Roertveit

SS15 Milan Corneliani032_Botond Cseke(VOGUE)
032 Botond Cseke

SS15 Milan Corneliani033_Arthur Daniyarov(VOGUE)
033 Arthur Daniyarov

SS15 Milan Corneliani034_Hideki Asahina(VOGUE)
034 Hideki Asahina

SS15 Milan Corneliani035_Carl Axelsson(VOGUE)
035 Carl Axelsson

SS15 Milan Corneliani036_Josha Stradowski(VOGUE)
036 Josha Stradowski

SS15 Milan Corneliani037_Chris Beek(VOGUE)
037 Chris Beek

SS15 Milan Corneliani038_Mihai Bran(VOGUE)
038 Mihai Bran

SS15 Milan Corneliani039_Ben Allen(VOGUE)
039 Ben Allen

SS15 Milan Corneliani040_Ben Bengtsson(VOGUE)
040 Ben Bengtsson

SS15 Milan Corneliani041_Charlie France(VOGUE)
041 Charlie France

SS15 Milan Corneliani042_Paul Boche(VOGUE)
042 Paul Boche

SS15 Milan Corneliani043_Dan Kling(VOGUE)
043 Dan Kling

SS15 Milan Corneliani044_Almantas Petkunas(VOGUE)
044 _Almantas Petkunas

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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