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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

FW14/15 Milan Canali

FW14/15 Milan Canali
Photo: vogue.co.uk
FW14 Milan Canali016_Gerhard Freidl(VOGUE)
Gerhard Freidl

FW14 Milan Canali006_Adrian Wlodarski(VOGUE)
Adrian Wlodarski

FW14 Milan Canali012_James Smith(VOGUE)
James Smith

FW14 Milan Canali017_Charlie France(VOGUE)
Charlie France

FW14 Milan Canali029_Jeroen Smits(VOGUE)
Jeroen Smits

Other Look↓

FW14/15 Milan Canali
Photo: vogue.co.uk
FW14 Milan Canali001_Rafael Lazzini(VOGUE)
001 Rafael Lazzini

FW14 Milan Canali002_Nikola Jovanovic(VOGUE)
002 Nikola Jovanovic

FW14 Milan Canali003_Francisco Lachowski(VOGUE)
003 Francisco Lachowski

FW14 Milan Canali004_Casey Taylor(VOGUE)
004 Casey Taylor

FW14 Milan Canali005_Greg Nawrat(VOGUE)
005 Greg Nawrat

FW14 Milan Canali006_Adrian Wlodarski(VOGUE)
006 Adrian Wlodarski

FW14 Milan Canali007_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
007 Arthur Gosse

FW14 Milan Canali008_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
008 Clement Chabernaud

FW14 Milan Canali009_Matvey Lykov(VOGUE)
009 Matvey Lykov

FW14 Milan Canali010_Henry Watkins(VOGUE)
010 Henry Watkins

FW14 Milan Canali011_Lucas Mascarini(VOGUE)
011 Lucas Mascarini

FW14 Milan Canali012_James Smith(VOGUE)
012 James Smith

FW14 Milan Canali013_Bastiaan Ninaber(VOGUE)
013 Bastiaan Ninaber

FW14 Milan Canali014_Alexandre Cunha(VOGUE)
014 Alexandre Cunha

FW14 Milan Canali015_Tomas Guarracino(VOGUE)
015 Tomas Guarracino

FW14 Milan Canali016_Gerhard Freidl(VOGUE)
016 Gerhard Freidl

FW14 Milan Canali017_Charlie France(VOGUE)
017 Charlie France

FW14 Milan Canali018_Tom Webb(VOGUE)
018 Tom Webb

FW14 Milan Canali019_Thorben Gartner(VOGUE)
019 Thorben Gartner

FW14 Milan Canali020_Luuk van Os(VOGUE)
020 Luuk van Os

FW14 Milan Canali021_Bastiaan van Gaalen(VOGUE)
021 Bastiaan van Gaalen

FW14 Milan Canali022_Chris Beek(VOGUE)
022 Chris Beek

FW14 Milan Canali023_Rutger Schoone(VOGUE)
023 Rutger Schoone

FW14 Milan Canali024_Jesper Vieveen(VOGUE)
024 Jesper Vieveen

FW14 Milan Canali025_Yannick Boetzkes(VOGUE)
025 Yannick Boetzkes

FW14 Milan Canali026_Patrick Kafka(VOGUE)
026 Patrick Kafka

FW14 Milan Canali027_Rael Costa(VOGUE)
027 Rael Costa

FW14 Milan Canali028_Luka Badnjar(VOGUE)
028 Luka Badnjar

FW14 Milan Canali029_Jeroen Smits(VOGUE)
029 Jeroen Smits

FW14 Milan Canali030_Elliott Vulliod(VOGUE)
030 Elliott Vulliod

FW14 Milan Canali031_Francisco Lachowski(VOGUE)
031 Francisco Lachowski

FW14 Milan Canali032_Nikola Jovanovic(VOGUE)
032 Nikola Jovanovic

FW14 Milan Canali033_Casey Taylor(VOGUE)
033 Casey Taylor

FW14 Milan Canali034_Greg Nawrat(VOGUE)
034 Greg Nawrat

FW14 Milan Canali035_Adrian Wlodarski(VOGUE)
035 Adrian Wlodarski

FW14 Milan Canali036_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
036 Arthur Gosse

FW14 Milan Canali037_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
037 Clement Chabernaud

FW14 Milan Canali038_Matvey Lykov(VOGUE)
038 Matvey Lykov

FW14 Milan Canali039_Henry Watkins(VOGUE)
039 Henry Watkins

FW14 Milan Canali040_Lucas Mascarini(VOGUE)
040 Lucas Mascarini

FW14 Milan Canali041_James Smith(VOGUE)
041 James Smith

FW14 Milan Canali042_Rafael Lazzini(VOGUE)
042 Rafael Lazzini

FW14 Milan Canali043_Rafael Lazzini(VOGUE)
043 Rafael Lazzini

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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