Excellent Male Model

Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS14 London Hardy Amies Close-Up

SS14 London Hardy Amies Close-Up
Photo: VOGUE
SS14 London Hardy Amies031_Timothy Renouf(VOGUE)
001 Timothy Renouf

SS14 London Hardy Amies032_Jamie Wise(VOGUE)
002 Jamie Wise

SS14 London Hardy Amies033_Jack Guinness(VOGUE)
003 Jack Guinness

SS14 London Hardy Amies035_James Hampson(VOGUE)
004 James Hampson

SS14London Hardy Amies020_Patrick O'Donnell(VOGUE)
005 Patrick O'Donnell

SS14 London Hardy Amies036_Patrick O'Donnell(VOGUE)
006 Patrick O'Donnell

SS14 London Hardy Amies037_Jacob Coupe(VOGUE)
007 Jacob Coupe

SS14 London Hardy Amies038_Fabian Nordstrom(VOGUE)
008 Fabian Nordstrom

SS14 London Hardy Amies030_Claude Simonon(VOGUE)
009 Claude Simonon

SS14 London Hardy Amies039_Thom Morell(VOGUE)
010 Thom Morell

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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