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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

F/W 13-14 Milan Belstaff

F/W 13-14 Milan Belstaff
Photo: VOGUE
FW13 Milan Belstaff001_Janis Ancens(VOGUE)
Janis Ancens

FW13 Milan Belstaff003_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Belstaff006_Alex Dunstan(VOGUE)
Alex Dunstan

FW13 Milan Belstaff009_Adrian Bosch(VOGUE)
Adrian Bosch

FW13 Milan Belstaff017_Robbie Wadge(VOGUE)
Robbie Wadge

Other Look↓

F/W 13-14 Milan Belstaff
Photo: VOGUE
FW13 Milan Belstaff001_Janis Ancens(VOGUE)
001 Janis Ancens

FW13 Milan Belstaff002_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
002 Clement Chabernaud

FW13 Milan Belstaff003_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
003 Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Belstaff004_Baptiste Radufe(VOGUE)
004 Baptiste Radufe

FW13 Milan Belstaff005_George Barnett(VOGUE)
005 George Barnett

FW13 Milan Belstaff006_Alex Dunstan(VOGUE)
006 Alex Dunstan

FW13 Milan Belstaff007_Jeremy Young(VOGUE)
007 Jeremy Young

FW13 Milan Belstaff008_Benjamin Eidem(VOGUE)
008 Benjamin Eidem

FW13 Milan Belstaff009_Adrian Bosch(VOGUE)
009 Adrian Bosch

FW13 Milan Belstaff010_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
010 Arthur Gosse

FW13 Milan Belstaff011_Victor Nylander(VOGUE)
011 Victor Nylander

FW13 Milan Belstaff012_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
012 Yannick Abrath

FW13 Milan Belstaff013_Guerrino Santulliana(VOGUE)
013 Guerrino Santulliana

FW13 Milan Belstaff014_Max Rendell(VOGUE)
014 Max Rendell

FW13 Milan Belstaff015_Bastian Thierry(VOGUE)
015 Bastian Thierry

FW13 Milan Belstaff016_Ian Sharp(VOGUE)
016 Ian Sharp

FW13 Milan Belstaff017_Robbie Wadge(VOGUE)
017 Robbie Wadge

FW13 Milan Belstaff018_Janis Ancens(VOGUE)
018 Janis Ancens

FW13 Milan Belstaff019_Nicolas Ripoll(VOGUE)
019 Nicolas Ripoll

FW13 Milan Belstaff020_Nemanja Maksic(VOGUE)
020 Nemanja Maksic

FW13 Milan Belstaff021_Ben Allen(VOGUE)
021 Ben Allen

FW13 Milan Belstaff022_Taylor Cowan(VOGUE)
022 Taylor Cowan

FW13 Milan Belstaff023_Anthon Wellsjo(VOGUE)
023 Anthon Wellsjo

FW13 Milan Belstaff024_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
024 Clement Chabernaud

FW13 Milan Belstaff025_Baptiste Radufe(VOGUE)
025 Baptiste Radufe

FW13 Milan Belstaff026_George Barnett(VOGUE)
026 George Barnett

FW13 Milan Belstaff027_Conor Doherty(VOGUE)
027 Conor Doherty

FW13 Milan Belstaff028_Alex Dunstan(VOGUE)
028 Alex Dunstan

FW13 Milan Belstaff029_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
029 Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Belstaff030_Jeremy Young(VOGUE)
030 Jeremy Young

FW13 Milan Belstaff031_Benjamin Eidem(VOGUE)
031 Benjamin Eidem

FW13 Milan Belstaff032_Adrian Bosch(VOGUE)
032 Adrian Bosch

FW13 Milan Belstaff033_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
033 Arthur Gosse

FW13 Milan Belstaff034_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
034 Yannick Abrath

FW13 Milan Belstaff035_Max Rendell(VOGUE)
035 Max Rendell

FW13 Milan Belstaff036_Robbie Wadge(VOGUE)
036 Robbie Wadge

FW13 Milan Belstaff037_Guerrino Santulliana(VOGUE)
037 Guerrino Santulliana

FW13 Milan Belstaff038_Nicolas Ripoll(VOGUE)
038 Nicolas Ripoll

FW13 Milan Belstaff039_Janis Ancens(VOGUE)
039 Janis Ancens

FW13 Milan Belstaff040_Janis Ancens(VOGUE)
040 Janis Ancens

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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