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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

F/W 13-14 Milan Iceberg

F/W 13-14 Milan Iceberg
Photo: VOGUE.com
FW13 Milan Iceberg026_Robin Barnet(VOGUE)
Robin Barnet

FW13 Milan Iceberg009_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Iceberg013_Alex Maklakov(VOGUE)
Alex Maklakov

FW13 Milan Iceberg034_Benjamin Jarvis(VOGUE)
Benjamin Jarvis

FW13 Milan Iceberg025(VOGUE)

端正なお顔立ちで、とても気になるNew Face発見です

Other Look↓

F/W 13-14 Milan Iceberg
Photo: VOGUE.com
FW13 Milan Iceberg001_Rafa Bodgar(VOGUE)
001 Rafa Bodgar

FW13 Milan Iceberg002_Almantas Petkunas(VOGUE)
002 Almantas Petkunas

FW13 Milan Iceberg003_Thomas Bukovatz(VOGUE)
003 Thomas Bukovatz

FW13 Milan Iceberg004_Sam Maouchi(VOGUE)
004 Sam Maouchi

FW13 Milan Iceberg005_Ben Stift(VOGUE)
005 Ben Stift

FW13 Milan Iceberg006_Justin Sterling(VOGUE)
006 Justin Sterling

FW13 Milan Iceberg007_Kristoffer Hasslevall(VOGUE)
007 Kristoffer Hasslevall

FW13 Milan Iceberg008_Sung Jin Park(VOGUE)
008 Sung Jin Park

FW13 Milan Iceberg009_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
009 Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Iceberg010_George Barnett(VOGUE)
010 George Barnett

FW13 Milan Iceberg011_Benjamin Eidem(VOGUE)
011 Benjamin Eidem

FW13 Milan Iceberg012_Reece Sanders(VOGUE)
012 Reece Sanders

FW13 Milan Iceberg013_Alex Maklakov(VOGUE)
013 Alex Maklakov

FW13 Milan Iceberg014_Luuk Van Os(VOGUE)
014 Luuk Van Os

FW13 Milan Iceberg015_Benjamin Jarvis(VOGUE)
015 Benjamin Jarvis

FW13 Milan Iceberg016_Johannes Niermann(VOGUE)
016 Johannes Niermann

FW13 Milan Iceberg017_Jester White(VOGUE)
017 Jester White

FW13 Milan Iceberg018_Robert Laby(VOGUE)
018 Robert Laby

FW13 Milan Iceberg019_Pascal Bonvie(VOGUE)
019 Pascal Bonvie

FW13 Milan Iceberg020(VOGUE)

FW13 Milan Iceberg021_Lance Carne(VOGUE)
021 Lance Carne

FW13 Milan Iceberg022_Justin Sterling(VOGUE)
022 Justin Sterling

FW13 Milan Iceberg023_Rafa Bodgar(VOGUE)
023 Rafa Bodgar

FW13 Milan Iceberg024_Marc Frick(VOGUE)
024 Marc Frick

FW13 Milan Iceberg025(VOGUE)

FW13 Milan Iceberg026_Robin Barnet(VOGUE)
026 Robin Barnet

FW13 Milan Iceberg027_Thomas Bukovatz(VOGUE)
027 Thomas Bukovatz

FW13 Milan Iceberg028_Sung Jin Park(VOGUE)
028 Sung Jin Park

FW13 Milan Iceberg029_Ben Stift(VOGUE)
029 Ben Stift

FW13 Milan Iceberg030_George Barnett(VOGUE)
030 George Barnett

FW13 Milan Iceberg031_Kristoffer Hasslevall(VOGUE)
031 Kristoffer Hasslevall

FW13 Milan Iceberg032_Sebastian Brice(VOGUE)
032 Sebastian Brice

FW13 Milan Iceberg033_Johannes Niermann(VOGUE)
033 Johannes Niermann

FW13 Milan Iceberg034_Benjamin Jarvis(VOGUE)
034 Benjamin Jarvis

FW13 Milan Iceberg035_Almantas Petkunas(VOGUE)
035 Almantas Petkunas

FW13 Milan Iceberg036_Luuk Van Os(VOGUE)
036 Luuk Van Os

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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