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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

The Ones 2 Watch
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Angus Low0020_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare,Isaac Carew

Angus Low0021_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare,Greg Nawrat

Angus Low0022_The Ones 2 Watch_Johnny George,Zakaria Khiare

Angus Low0023_The Ones 2 Watch_Greg Nawrat

Angus Low0024_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare

Angus Low0025_The Ones 2 Watch_Isaac Carew,Johnny George
Models: Angus Low,Greg Nawrat,Zakaria Khiare,Johnny George & Isaac Carew (Photo: The Ones 2 Watch via heelscatchfire @ TFS)
Photography: Dario Salamone
Styling: Matteo Greco
Hair : Valentino Perini @ Atomo
Make-up: Chiara Guizzetti @ Green Apple

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