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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS13 New York Lacoste

SS13 New York Lacoste
Photo: VOGUE  
SS13 NY Lacoste008_Charlie France(VOGUE)
Charlie France

SS13 NY Lacoste013_Oliver Altman(VOGUE)
Oliver Altman

来日経験もあるOliver Altman様がNew York Fashion Weekに登場されました

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SS13 New York Lacoste
Photo: VOGUE   
SS13 NY Lacoste001_Yuri Pleskun(VOGUE)
001 Yuri Pleskun

SS13 NY Lacoste002_Ty Ogunkoya(VOGUE)
002 Ty Ogunkoya

SS13 NY Lacoste003_Cyril Dundera(VOGUE)
003 Cyril Dundera

SS13 NY Lacoste004_Armando Cabral(VOGUE)
004 Armando Cabral

SS13 NY Lacoste005_Aiden Andrews(VOGUE)
005 Aiden Andrews

SS13 NY Lacoste006_Reece Sanders(VOGUE)
006 Reece Sanders

SS13 NY Lacoste007_Fernando Cabral(VOGUE)
007 Fernando Cabral

SS13 NY Lacoste008_Charlie France(VOGUE)
008 Charlie France

SS13 NY Lacoste009_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
009 Yannick Abrath

SS13 NY Lacoste010_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
010 Clement Chabernaud

SS13 NY Lacoste011_Bastiaan Ninaber(VOGUE)
011 Bastiaan Ninaber

SS13 NY Lacoste012_Elliot Vulliod(VOGUE)
012 Elliot Vulliod

SS13 NY Lacoste013_Oliver Altman(VOGUE)
013 Oliver Altman

SS13 NY Lacoste014_Yuri Pleskun(VOGUE)
014 Yuri Pleskun

reference of model name: Flashbang @The Fashion Spot

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