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Chris Rayner 様

Chris Rayner 様

Carbon Copy Issue 12

Edmond Roosendaal0098_Carbon Copy12(Homme Model)

Edmond Roosendaal0095_Carbon Copy12(Homme Model)

Edmond Roosendaal0093_Carbon Copy12_Chris Rayner(Homme Model)

Edmond Roosendaal0099_Carbon Copy12(Homme Model)

Edmond Roosendaal0091_Carbon Copy12_Chris Rayner(Homme Model)
Model: Chris Rayner & Edmond Roosendaal (Photo: Homme Model)
Photographer: Nuria Rius
Fashion Stylist: Ines Fravezzi

FW12 Paris agnes b.
Christopher Rayner3157_FW12 Paris agnes b(VOGUE)

Christopher Rayner3159_FW12 Paris agnes b(VOGUE)

Christopher Rayner3160_FW12 Paris agnes b(VOGUE)
Chris Rayner (Photo: VOGUE)

Christopher Rayner3147_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)Christopher Rayner3148_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)

Christopher Rayner3149_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)Christopher Rayner3150_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)

Christopher Rayner3151_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)Christopher Rayner3153_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)

Christopher Rayner3154_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)Christopher Rayner3155_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)

Christopher Rayner3156_FW12 Paris agnes b(fmag)
Chris Rayner (Photo: fmag)

FW12 London E Tautz
Christopher Rayner3161_FW12 London E Tautz(VOGUE)

Christopher Rayner3162_FW12 London E Tautz(VOGUE)
Model: Chris Rayner (Photo: VOGUE)

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