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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Carlos Peters 様

Carlos Peters 様

SS13 London Richard Nicoll
Carlos Peters3002_SS13 London Richard Nicoll(VOGUE)

Carlos Peters (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 London Richard Nicoll BS
Carlos Peters3004_SS13 London Richard Nicoll(Dazed Digital)

Carlos Peters3003_SS13 London Richard Nicoll(Dazed Digital)
Carlos Peters & Henry Pedro-Wright (Photo: Dazed Digital)
Photography by Morgan O'Donovan


SS13 Milan Prada
Carlos Peters3005_SS13 Milan Prada(VOGUE)

Carlos Peters3006_SS13 Milan Prada(VOGUE)
Carlos Peters (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 Milan Prada BS
Carlos Peters3007_SS13 Milan Prada(fashionising.com)

Carlos Peters3008_SS13 Milan Prada(fashionising.com)
Carlos Peters & Unknown (Photo: fashionising.com)

SS13 Paris Kenzo
Carlos Peters3011_SS13 Paris Kenzo(VOGUE)
Carlos Peters (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 Paris Kenzo BS
Carlos Peters3014_SS13 Paris Acne(fashionising.com)
Carlos Peters (Photo: fashionising.com)

Carlos Peters3012_SS13 Paris Kenzo(Photo of the Moment)
Charlie Westerberg,Carlos Peters & Others (Photo: Photos of The Moment)

SS13 Paris Acne
Carlos Peters3015_SS13 Paris Acne(VOGUE)

Carlos Peters3018_SS13 Paris Acne(VOGUE)
Carlos Peters (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 Paris Louis Vuitton
Carlos Peters3016_SS13 Paris Louis Vuitton(VOGUEl)

Carlos Peters3017_SS13 Paris Louis Vuitton(VOGUEl)
Carlos Peters (Photo: VOGUE)

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