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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Elias Cafmeyer 様

Elias Cafmeyer 様

SS13 Milan Canali
Elias Cafmeyer3077_SS13 Milan Canali(VOGUE)

Elias Cafmeyer3079_SS13 Milan Canali(VOGUE)

Elias Cafmeyer3080_SS13 Milan Canali(fashionising.com)

Elias Cafmeyer3078_SS13 Milan Canali(VOGUE)

Elias Cafmeyer3081_SS13 Milan Canali(fashionising.com)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE & fashionising.com)

SS13 Paris Dries van Noten
Elias Cafmeyer3083_SS13 Paris Dries van Noten(VOGUE)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 Paris Paul Smith
Elias Cafmeyer3084_SS13 Paris Paul Smith(VOGUE)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 Paris Paul Smith BS
Elias Cafmeyer3085_SS13 Paris Paul Smith(Photo of the Moment)
Thomas Penfound & Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: Photos of The Moment)

SS13 London Xander Zhou
Elias Cafmeyer3068_SS13 London Xander Zhou(Homme Model)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: Homme Model)

SS13 London Matthew Miller
Elias Cafmeyer3070_SS13 London Matthew Miller(VOGUE)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 London Margaret Howell
Elias Cafmeyer3072_SS13 London Margaret Howell(VOGUE)

Elias Cafmeyer3073_SS13 London Margaret Howell(VOGUE)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE)

SS13 London Richard James
Elias Cafmeyer3075_SS13 London Richard James(VOGUE)
Elias Cafmeyer (Photo: VOGUE)

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