Excellent Male Model

Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS13 Milan Canali Close-Up Part.2

SS13 Milan Canali Close-Up Part.2
Photo: fashionising.com
SS13 Milan Canali071_Nikola Jovanovic(fashionising.com)
001 Nikola Jovanovic

SS13 Milan Canali072_Elias Cafmeyer(VOGUE)
002 Elias Cafmeyer

SS13 Milan Canali073_Gerhard Freidl(VOGUE)
003 Gerhard Freidl

SS13 Milan Canali074_Elias Cafmeyer(fashionising.com)
004 Elias Cafmeyer

SS13 Milan Canali076_Gerhard Freidl(fashionising.com)
005 Gerhard Freidl

SS13 Milan Canali077_Bastiaan Van Gaalen(fashionising.com)
006 Bastiaan Van Gaalen

SS13 Milan Canali078_RJ King(fashionising.com)
007 RJ King

SS13 Milan Canali079_RJ King(fashionising.com)
008 RJ King

SS13 Milan Canali080_Clement Chabernaud(fashionising.com)
009 Clement Chabernaud

reference of model name: Flashbang @ The Fashion Spot

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