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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Bart Grein 様

Bart Grein 様

FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester
Bart Grein3071_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(VOGUE)

Bart Grein3072_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(VOGUE)
Bart Grein (Photo: VOGUE)

Bart Grein3073_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3074_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3075_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3076_FW12 Paris Ann Demeulemeester(fashionising.com)
Bart Grein (Photo: fashionising.com)

FW12 Paris Rick Owens
Bart Grein3064_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUE)

Bart Grein3065_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUE)

Bart Grein3066_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUE)
Bart Grein (Photo: VOGUE)

Bart Grein3070_01_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3070_02_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3070_03_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(fashionising.com)

Bart Grein3070_04_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(fashionising.com)
Bart Grein (Photo: fashionising.com)

FW12 Paris Rick Owens BS
Bart Grein3067_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(sonny)
Diederik Van der Lee & Bart Grein (Photo: sonny photos_Rick Owens AW 12 Men Fashion Show Paris Backstage)
Photographer: Sonny Vandevelde

Bart Grein3068_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(Photo of the Moment)

Bart Grein3069_FW12 Paris Rick Owens(Photo of the Moment)
Paul Boche,Diederik Van der Lee,Bart Grein,Henning B. & Dan Kling (Photo: VOGUE)

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