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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi004_Charlie France(VOGUE)
Charlie France

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi010_Antoine Des Bauvais(VOGUE)
Antoine Des Bauvais

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi012_Milo Spijkers(VOGUE)
Milo Spijkers

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi023_Alexander Johansson(VOGUE)
Alexander Johansson

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FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi001_Karl Morrall(VOGUE)
001 Karl Morrall

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi002_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
002 Arthur Gosse

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi003_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
003 Yannick Abrath

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi004_Charlie France(VOGUE)
004 Charlie France

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi005_Pascal Bonvie(VOGUE)
005 Pascal Bonvie

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi006(VOGUE)

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi007_Benjamin Eidem(VOGUE)
007 Benjamin Eidem

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi008_Bastiaan Van Gaalen(VOGUE)
008 Bastiaan Van Gaalen

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi009_Jakob Bertelsen(VOGUE)
009 Jakob Bertelsen

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi010_Antoine Des Bauvais(VOGUE)
010 Antoine Des Bauvais

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi011_Johannes Niermann(VOGUE)
011 Johannes Niermann

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi012_Milo Spijkers(VOGUE)
012 Milo Spijkers

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi013_Luca Stascheit(VOGUE)
013 Luca Stascheit

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi014_Lessandro Reyniers(VOGUE)
014 Lessandro Reyniers

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi015_Peter Bruder(VOGUE)
015 Peter Bruder

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi016_Ryan Williams(VOGUE)
016 Ryan Williams

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi017_Angus Low(VOGUE)
017 Angus Low

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi018_Andrey Smidl(VOGUE)
018 Andrey Smidl

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi019_Jordan Postrel(VOGUE)
019 Jordan Postrel

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi020_Sascha Weissenborn(VOGUE)
020 Sascha Weissenborn

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi021_Thomas Bukovatz(VOGUE)
021 Thomas Bukovatz

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi022(VOGUE)

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi023_Alexander Johansson(VOGUE)
023 Alexander Johansson

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi024_Benoni Loos(VOGUE)
024 Benoni Loos

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi025_Alexander Beck(VOGUE)
025 Alexander Beck

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi026_Alexander Ferrario(VOGUE)
026 Alexander Ferrario

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi027_Dmitriy Brylev(VOGUE)
027 Dmitriy Brylev

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi028_Adnan Djinovic(VOGUE)
028 Adnan Djinovic

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi029_Patrick Kuszmar(VOGUE)
029 Patrick Kuszmar

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi030_Charlie France(VOGUE)
030 Charlie France

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi031_Niklas H @TIAD(VOGUE)
031 Niklas H.

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi032_Karl Morrall(VOGUE)
032 Karl Morrall

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi033_Luca Stascheit(VOGUE)
033 Luca Stascheit

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi034_Benjamin Eidem(VOGUE)
034 Benjamin Eidem

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi035_Pascal Bonvie(VOGUE)
035 Pascal Bonvie

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi036_Bastiaan Van Gaalen(VOGUE)
036 Bastiaan Van Gaalen

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi037_Arthur Gosse(VOGUE)
037 Arthur Gosse

FW12 Paris Wooyoungmi038_Yannick Abrath(VOGUE)
038 Yannick Abrath

reference of model name: The Fashion Spot

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