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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

FW12/13 Milan Etro Close-Up

FW12/13 Milan Etro Close-Up
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Milan Etro064_Jakob Hybholt(VOGUE)
Jakob Hybholt

FW12 Milan Etro055_James Smith(VOGUE)
James Smith

FW12 Milan Etro058_Andre Bentzer(VOGUE)
Andre Bentzer

FW12 Milan Etro062_Tim Meiresone(VOGUE)
Tim Meiresone

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FW12/13 Milan Etro Close-Up
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Milan Etro051_Alfred Kovac(VOGUE)
001 Alfred Kovac

FW12 Milan Etro052_Nikola Jovanovic(VOGUE)
002 Nikola Jovanovic

FW12 Milan Etro053_Adrian Wlodarski(VOGUE)
003 Adrian Wlodarski

FW12 Milan Etro054(VOGUE)

FW12 Milan Etro055_James Smith(VOGUE)
005 James Smith

FW12 Milan Etro056_Lenz von Johnston(VOGUE)
006 Lenz von Johnston

FW12 Milan Etro057_Philipp Bierbaum(VOGUE)
007 Philipp Bierbaum

FW12 Milan Etro058_Andre Bentzer(VOGUE)
008 Andre Bentzer

FW12 Milan Etro059_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
009 Clement Chabernaud

FW12 Milan Etro060_Zakaria Khiare(VOGUE)
010 Zakaria Khiare

FW12 Milan Etro061(VOGUE)

FW12 Milan Etro062_Tim Meiresone(VOGUE)
012 Tim Meiresone

FW12 Milan Etro063_Takeshi Mikawai(VOGUE)
013 Takeshi Mikawai

FW12 Milan Etro064_Jakob Hybholt(VOGUE)
014 Jakob Hybholt

FW12 Milan Etro065_Alexandre Cunha(VOGUE)
015 Alexandre Cunha

FW12 Milan Etro066_Miles McMillan(VOGUE)
016 Miles McMillan

FW12 Milan Etro067_Alfred Kovac(VOGUE)
017 Alfred Kovac

FW12 Milan Etro068_Nikola Jovanovic(VOGUE)
018 Nikola Jovanovic

FW12 Milan Etro069(VOGUE)

FW12 Milan Etro070_Bruce Machado(VOGUE)
020 Bruce Machado
FW12 Milan Etro071_Ton Heukeuls(VOGUE)
021 Ton Heukeuls

FW12 Milan Etro072_Clement Chabernaud(VOGUE)
022 Clement Chabernaud

FW12 Milan Etro073_Zakaria Khiare(VOGUE)
023 Zakaria Khiare

FW12 Milan Etro074_Jakob Hybholt(VOGUE)
024 Jakob Hybholt

FW12 Milan Etro075_Miles McMillan(VOGUE)
025 Miles McMillan

reference of model name: The Fashion Spot

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