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Lessandro Reyniers 様

Lessandro Reyniers 様

FW11/12 Milan Prada
Lessandro Reyniers3003_FW11_Milan_Prada(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 Milan Prada BS

Lessandro Reyniers3005_FW11_Milan_Prada(Dazed Digital)
Lessandro Reyniers3004_FW11_Milan_Prada(Dazed Digital)
Oleg Antosik,Lessandro Reyniers,Juan Manuel Arancibia & Adrien Sahores (Photo: Dazed Digital)

FW11/12 Milan Jil Sander
Lessandro Reyniers3007_FW11_Milan_Jil Sander(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 Milan Jil Sande BS
Lessandro Reyniers3008_FW11_Milan_Jil Sander(Dazed Digital)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: Dazed Digital)

FW11/12 Paris Raf Simons
Lessandro Reyniers3012_FW11_Paris_Raf Simons(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers3013_FW11_Paris_Raf Simons(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 Paris Raf Simons BS
Lessandro Reyniers3015_FW11_Paris_Raf Simons(Dazed Digital)
Lessandro Reyniers3014_FW11_Paris_Raf Simons(Dazed Digital)
Lessandro Reyniers & Phillip Moller (Photo: Dazed Digital)

FW11/12 Milan Alexander McQueen
Lessandro Reyniers3010_FW11_Milan_Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 Paris Acne
Lessandro Reyniers3017_FW11_Paris_Acne(VOGUEcom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 MilanのPradaで、ひときわ美しかったLessandro Reyniers様でございます

おそらく今期がMilan&Paris Collection Debutであったと思いますが
なんと、その期待のNew Faceが来日予定となっております(ああ、びっくり)

Lessandro Reyniers
height: 6'1.5"/187m
chest: 36"/93cm
waist: 27"/70cm
hips: 35"/90cm
suit: -
shoes: 44EU/11US
hair: Dark Blond
eyes: Blue-Grey

Place of Origin: Ghent, Belgium

Agency: New Model Agency(Brussels,Belgium)
Why Not(Milan,Italy)

Lessandro Reyniers0006(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0002(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0003(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0016(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0014(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0013(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0009(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0012(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0007(MODELScom)

Lessandro Reyniers0008(MODELScom)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: MODELS.com)

Lessandro Reyniers0025(Why Not)Lessandro Reyniers0026(Why Not)
Lessandro Reyniers (Photo: Why Not Models)

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