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Jacob Young 様

Jacob Young 様

FW11/12 New York Robert Geller
Jacob Young3015_FW11_NY_Robert Geller(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young3016_FW11_NY_Robert Geller(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 New York Billy Reid
Jacob Young3018_FW11_NY_Billy Reid(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young3019_FW11_NY_Billy Reid(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young3020_FW11_NY_Billy Reid(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 New York Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jacob Young3022_FW11_NY_Marc by Marc Jacobs(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 London Tween
Jacob Young3024_FW11_London_Tween(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young (Photo: VOGUE.com)

FW11/12 London MAN - Felipe Rojas Llanos
Jacob Young3025_FW11_London_MAN - Felipe Rojas Llanos(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young3026_FW11_London_MAN - Felipe Rojas Llanos(VOGUEcom)
Jacob Young (Photo: VOGUE.com)

SS11 BurberryのCampaign Modelを勤めているJacob Young様は
Milan CollectionのBurberry Prorsum他でRunway Debutを果たされ
その後、New YorkとLondonのFashion Weekにもご出演でした


Model of the Week
Jacob Young0028(MODELScom)
Jacob Young0029(MODELScom)
Jacob Young0030(MODELScom)
Jacob Young0031(MODELScom)
Jacob Young (Photo: MODELS.com

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