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Janice Fronimakis 様

Janice Fronimakis 様

MALE & Co. Summer Collection 2010
Janice Fronimakis5001_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5003_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5002_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5004_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5005_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5006_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5007_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Janice Fronimakis5008_MALE&Co Summer2010 Catalog
Model: Janice Fronimakis (Photo: MALE & Co. Summer Collection 2010 Catalog)
Official Website: MALE & Co.

2月2日の来日され、4月中旬まで滞在されていたJanice Fronimakis様を

GivenchyのCampaign Modelに起用されております
Givenchy Campaign
Janice Fronimakis0020(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis0013(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: Bananas Models)

FW10/11 Milan Bottega Veneta
Janice Fronimakis3025_FW10_Milan_Bottega Veneta(nikestav10@mh)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: nikestav10@mh)

Janice Fronimakis3025_FW10_Milan_Bottega Veneta(daylife)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: daylife)

FW10/11 Milan Dolce&Gabbana
Janice Fronimakis3020_FW10_Milan_Dolce&Gabbana(Frida@mh)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: Frida@mh)

FW10/11 Paris Qasimi
Janice Fronimakis3022_FW10_Paris_Qasimi(Frida@mh)
Janice Fronimakis3023_FW10_Paris_Qasimi(Frida@mh)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: Frida@mh)

FW10/11 Paris Qasimi BS
Janice Fronimakis3024_FW10_Paris_Qasimi BS(sonnyphoto)
Florian Bourdila & Janice Fronimakis (Photo: sonny photos)
Photographer: sonny Vandevelde


Janice Fronimakis
height: 6'1.5"/187m
chest: -
waist: 31"/79cm
hips: -
suit: -
shoes: 43EU/9.
hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
agency: Bananas(Paris,France),
VNY(New York,US),CINQ DEUX UN(Tokyo,Japan)

Janice Fronimakis0004(LEXPOSURE NET)
Janice Fronimakis0005(LEXPOSURE NET)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: LEXPOSURE.NET)

Janice Fronimakis0006_Ph Hudson Wright(Just Male Model)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: Just Male Model)

Janice Fronimakis0018(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis0014(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis0019(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis0021(Bananas)
Janice Fronimakis (Photo: Bananas Models)

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