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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

Spring & Summer 2014 LANVIN en Bleu
Angus Low0013_Lanvin en Bleu(men's FUDGE63 2014_06)

Angus Low0014_Lanvin en Bleu(men's FUDGE63 2014_06)
Model: Angus Low (Photo: men's FUDGE vol.63 June 2014)


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  2. Angus Low
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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

S/S 14 LANVIN en Bleu
Angus Low0062_SS14 LANVIN en Bleu

Angus Low0063_SS14 LANVIN en Bleu

Angus Low0064_SS14 LANVIN en Bleu
Model: Angus Low (Photo: http://www.lanvin-en-bleu.com/)

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  2. Angus Low
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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

Angus Low0049_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0050_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0051_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0052_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0053_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0054_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0055_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0056_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0057_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0058_KENT & CURWEN SS13

Angus Low0059_KENT & CURWEN SS13
Models: Angus Low, Greg Nawrat (Photo: RENOWN)

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  2. Angus Low
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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

UOMO December 2012

Angus Low0001(UOMO93_2012_12)

Angus Low0002(UOMO93_2012_12)

Angus Low0003(UOMO93_2012_12)

Angus Low0004(UOMO93_2012_12)
Model: Angus Low (Photo: UOMO No.93 December 2012)
Photographs: Naoki Ishizaka
Styling: Kazumi Horiguchi
Hair&Make-up: Kenichi Yaguchi

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  2. Angus Low
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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

UNIQLO Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook
Angus Low0032_UNIQLO SS13_Benjamin Jarvis,Jake Shortall(Fashionisto)

Angus Low0034_UNIQLO SS13_Benjamin Jarvis,Jake Shortall(Fashionisto)

Angus Low0037_UNIQLO SS13_Douglas Neitzke(Fashionisto)

Angus Low0038_UNIQLO SS13_Douglas Neitzke(Fashionisto)
Models: Angus Low,Douglas Neitzke,Benjamin Jarvis,Jake Shortall & Andrey Smidl (Photo: The Fashionisto)
Creative direction by Nicola Formichetti
Photos by Matt Irwin
Styling by Shun Watanabe

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