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Vladimir Averyanov 様

Vladimir Averyanov 様

Pen March 2012
Vladimir Averyanov0001(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0002(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0003(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0004(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0005(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0006(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0007(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0009(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0008(Pen309_2012_03_15)

Vladimir Averyanov0010(Pen309_2012_03_15)
Models: Vladimir Averyanov & Colin Dack (Photo: Pen No.309 March 15, 2012)
Photographs: Akinori Ito(TRON)
Styling: Takafumi Kawasaki(MILD)
Hair&Make-up: Hiroki Yoshimori(super sonic)


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Vladimir Averyanov 様

Vladimir Averyanov 様

MIHARAYASUHIRO F/W 2011-2012 Campaign
Vladimir Averyanov0001_MIHARAYASUHIRO FW11(Official)

Vladimir Averyanov0002_MIHARAYASUHIRO FW11(Official)

Vladimir Averyanov0003_MIHARAYASUHIRO FW11(Official)
Model: Vladimir Averyanov (Photo: MIHARAYASUHIRO)
Photographer: Paolo Roversi

MIHARAYSUHURO FW11/12のCampaign Modelに抜擢されたNew Faceは
ロシア出身のVladimir Averyanov様でございます


Vladimir Averyanov
height: 6'1"/186cm
chest: 34.5"/88cm
waist: 27.5"/70cm
hips: 34.5"/88cm
suit: 48-38
shoes: 42EU/8.5US/8UK
hair: Light Brown
eyes: Blue
(reference; I Love Models Management)

Country of origin: Russian Federation

Agency: Black Models(Moscow,Russia)mother agency
Marilyn Agency(Paris,France)
VNY(New York,US), I LOVE(Milan,Italy), Sight(Barcelona,Spain)

Vladimir Averyanov0005(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0012(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0013(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0018(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0006(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0007(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0008(Blacl Model Management)

Vladimir Averyanov0009(Blacl Model Management)
Vladimir Averyanov (Photo: Black Model Management)

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