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Christopher Michaut 様

Christopher Michaut 様

Pen November 2011
The Silence of TRUSSARDI 1911

Christopher Michaut5006(Pen301_2011_11_01)

Christopher Michaut5007(Pen301_2011_11_01)

Christopher Michaut5008(Pen301_2011_11_01)

Christopher Michaut5009(Pen301_2011_11_01)
Model: Christopher Michaut (Photo: Pen No.301 November 1, 2011)
Photographs: JAN BUUS(DONNA)
Styling: Isizeki toshifumi


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Christopher Michaut 様

Christopher Michaut 様

Pen October 2011
"splendid stage"

Christopher Michaut5001(Pen299_2011_10_01)

Christopher Michaut5002(Pen299_2011_10_01)

Christopher Michaut5003(Pen299_2011_10_01)

Christopher Michaut5004(Pen299_2011_10_01)
Model: Christopher Michaut (Photo: Pen No.299 October 1, 2011)
Photographs: Fumito Shibasaki
Styling: Fumihito Ishizeki
Hair&Make-up: AKINO(3rd)

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Christopher Michaut 様

Christopher Michaut 様

The Once 2 Watch

Christopher Michaut0001(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0008(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0009(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0005(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0002(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0003(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0004(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0006(Once2Watch)

Christopher Michaut0007(Once2Watch)
Model: Christopher Michaut @ Bananas (Photo: The Once 2 Watch)
Photographer: Thomas Mocka
Stylist: Elena Winkler
Hair & Make-up: Akito Teramoto

来日予定となっているChristopher Michaut様でございます
ck by Calvin KleinのF/W10のCampaign Modelに起用されておりました

ck by Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2010 Campaign
Christopher Michaut0011(Bananas)

Christopher Michaut0012(Bananas)
Model: Christopher Michaut (Photo: Bananas Models)

METAL Magazine #24
Christopher Michaut0013(Bananas)
Photographer: Jose Manuel Ferrater (Photo: MODELS.com)
Model: Christopher Michaut

Christopher Michaut
height: 6'1"/185cm
chest: 37.5"/95cm
waist: 31"/78cm
hips: 36.5"92cm
suit: -
shoes: 28cm/44.5EU/11US
hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
agency: Bananas(Paris,France)

Christopher Michaut0010(Bananas)

Christopher Michaut0014(Bananas)

Christopher Michaut (Photo: Bananas Models)

Christopher Michaut0020(Bananas via modelhommes tumblr)
Christopher Michaut (Photo: Bananas Models via modelhommes.tumblr.com)

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