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Chris Belcher 様

Chris Belcher 様

Chris Belcher0001(TRAFFIC)
Chris Belcher0002(TRAFFIC)
Model: Chris Belcher (Photo: TRAFFIC)

Chris Belcher0003(TRAFFIC)
Chris Belcher0004(TRAFFIC)
Model: Chris Belcher (Photo: TRAFFIC)

Chris Belcher0011(TRAFFIC)
Chris Belcher0012(TRAFFIC)
Model: Chris Belcher (Photo: TRAFFIC)

Chris Belcher0009(TRAFFIC)
Chris Belcher0008(TRAFFIC)
Model: Chris Belcher (Photo: TRAFFIC)


一番上はChris Belcher様の代表的な写真ではないかと思います

LACOSTE FW09/10 Campaign
Chris Belcher0041LACOSTE AW09_HQ
Model: Lasse Pedersen,Jason Wilder & Chris Belcher
Official Website: LACOSTE

People Tree × Emma Watson
Chris Belcher0074_People Tree(Fashionsnap.com)
Model: Chris Belcher,Emma Watson and Others
Photo: Fashionsnap.com
Official Website: People Tree

Chris Belcher0073_People Tree(emma-watoson.net)
Chris Belcher0072_People Tree(emma-watoson.net)
Chris Belcher0071_People Tree(emma-watoson.net)
Model: Chris Belcher,Emma Watson and Others
Photographer: Andrea Carter-Bowman
Photo: emma-watoson.net
Official Website: People Tree

Behind the Scenes

Alex Watson君もチラッと出ております

Chris Belcher
height: 6'1.5"/187m
chest: 38"/96cm
waist: 31.5"/79cm
hips: 38"/97cm
suit: 96?/38"/48
shoes: 28cm/45EU/11US/10.5UK
hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
agency: Models 1(London,UK),BRAVO(Tokyo,Japan)

Chris Belcher0058(BRAVO)Chris Belcher0059(Models1)
Chris Belcher0050(BRAVO)Chris Belcher0067(Models1)
Chris Belcher0065(BRAVO)Chris Belcher0063(BRAVO)
Chris Belcher (Photo: Models 1,BRAVO)

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