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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Tim Boot 様

Tim Boot 様

TOPMAN F/W 2011 Campaign
Tim Boot0021 Topman FW11

Tim Boot0020 Topman FW11
Model: Tim Boot,Sid Ellisdon,Josh McLellan & Others
Photographer: Angelo Pennetta
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Alister Mackie


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  1. 2011/08/08(月) 22:17:59|
  2. Tim Boot
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FW10/11 Neil Barrett Portraits

FW10/11 Neil Barrett
Photo: Style.com
FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett001_Luis BorgesFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett002_Clinton Weber
Luis Borges                                  Clinton Weber

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett003_Max BarreauFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett004_Sid Ellisdon
Max Barreau                                  Sid Ellisdon

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett005_Jacob CoupeFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett006_Thomas Hoefnagels
Jacob Coupe                                  Thomas Hoefnagels

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett007_Julien ChancaFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett008_Josh Beech
Julien Chanca                                 Josh Beech

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett009FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett010
・・・                                        ・・・

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett015_Felix SchopgensFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett016_Adrian Bosch
Felix Schopgens                                Adrian Bosch

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett017_Eddie KlintFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett018
Eddie Klint                                  Christopher P

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett019_Alexander JakobFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett020_Olaf Czosnowski
Alexander Jakob                                Olaf Czosnowski

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett021_Patrick MeckelburgFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett022_Henry Watkins
Patrick Meckelburg                               Henry Watkins

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett023_Adrien BrunierFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett024_Jeremie Laheurte
Adrien Brunier                                 Jeremie Laheurte

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett025_Max BarreauFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett026_Nicholas Hinman
Max Barreau                                   Nicholas Hinman

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett027_Thomas HoefnagelsFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett028_Sid Ellisdon
Thomas Hoefnagels                              Sid Ellisdon

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett029_Julien ChancaFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett030_Andre Bentzer
Julien Chanca                                 Andre Bentzer

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett031FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett032
・・・                                         ・・・
FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett037_Felix SchopgensFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett038_Josh Beech
Felix Schopgens                                Josh Beech

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett039_Adrian BoschFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett040_Alexander Jakob
Adrian Bosch                                  Alexander Jakob

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett041_Luis BorgesFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett042_Jacob Coupe
Luis Borges                                   Jacob Coupe

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett043_Clinton Weber
Clinton Weber

FW10/11 Neil Barrett BS
Photo: Neil Barrett
FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett201_Clinton WeberFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett202_Julien Chanca
Clinton Weber                        Julien Chanca

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett203_Jeremie LaheurteFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett206_Luis Borges
Jeremie Laheurte                       Luis Borges

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett204_Thomas HoefnagelsFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett205_Thomas Hoefnagels
Thomas Hoefnagels

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett208_Max BarreauFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett209_Adrien Brunier
Max Barreau                          Adrien Brunier

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett211_Andre BentzerFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett214_Luis Borges
Andre Bentzer                         Luis Borges

FW10_Milan_Neil Barrett216_Josh BeechFW10_Milan_Neil Barrett217_Jacob Coupe
Josh Beech                          Jacob Coupe

FW10/11 Neil Barrett Portraits
Photo: Neil Barrett
FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0020_Andre BentzerFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0008_Andre Bentzer
Andre Bentzer

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0004_Felix SchopgensFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0005_Felix Schopgens
Felix Schopgens

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0009_Jacob CoupeFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0011_Jacob CoupeFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0012_Jacob Coupe
Jacob Coupe

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0010_Sid EllisdonFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0013_Sid EllisdonFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0014_Sid Ellisdon
Sid Ellisdon

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0015_Patrick MeckelburgFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0016_Alexander Jakob
Patrick Meckelburg                     Alexander Jakob

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0017_Jeremie LaheurteFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0025_Max Barreau
Jeremie Laheurte                      Max Barreau

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0024_Eddie KlintFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0026_Julien Chanca
Eddie Klint                        Julien Chanca

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0018_Josh BeechFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0019_Josh Beech
Josh Beech

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0021_Luis BorgesFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0022_Luis Borges
Luis Borges

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0023_Thomas HoefnagelsFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0027_Thomas Hoefnagels
Thomas Hoefnagels

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0028_Adrien BrunierFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0029_Adrien BrunierFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0030_Adrien Brunier
Adrien Brunier

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0001_Clinton WeberFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0002_Clinton WeberFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0003_Clinton Weber
Clinton Weber

FW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0006_Henry WatkinsFW10-11Neil Barrett Portraits0007_Henry Watkins
Henry Watkins

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  1. 2010/07/20(火) 01:38:38|
  2. Runway FW10/11
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Andrej Pejic 様

Andrej Pejic 様

MARTYN BEL FW10 Campaign
Andrej Pejic0076_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0078_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0073_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0074_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0075_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0077_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0079_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0069_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0071_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0066_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0067_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0068_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0070_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Andrej Pejic0072_FW10 martynbal(ftape.com via lizzylily@mh)
Models: Andrej Pejic @ Storm & Sid Ellisdon @ Models1 (Photo: MARTYN BAL)
Official Website: MARTYN BAL
source: The Online Fashion Resource via lizzylily@modelhommes

SS11 Paris Collection DebutのAndrej Pejic様が早速Campaignに起用されております

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  1. 2010/06/26(土) 02:56:34|
  2. Andrej Pejic
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