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Pierre Van der Merwe 様

Pierre Van der Merwe 様

POPEYE January 2012

Pierre Van der Merwe5001(POPEYE777_2012_01)

Pierre Van der Merwe5002(POPEYE777_2012_01)
Model: Pierre Van der Merwe (Photo: POPEYE No.777 January 2012)
Fashion Direction: Tomoki Sukezane
Photographs: Junji Hata
Hair: AZUMA at mondo-artist.com (super sonic)
Make-up: Yoboon (Coccina)

Pierre Van der Merwe
height: 6'1.5"/187cm
chest: 37.5"/95cm
waist: 31"/79cm
hips: -
suit: -
shoes: 10.5UK
hair: Strawberry Blond
eyes: Green
agency: Boss Model Management(Cape Town,Republic of South Africa)
Why Not(Milan,Italy)

Pierre Van Der Merwe0001(Why Not)Pierre Van Der Merwe0002(Why Not)

Pierre Van Der Merwe0005(Why Not)Pierre Van Der Merwe0006(Why Not)

Pierre Van Der Merwe0003(Why Not)Pierre Van Der Merwe0004(Why Not)

Pierre Van Der Merwe0007(Why Not)Pierre Van Der Merwe0008(Why Not)
Pierre Van der Merwe (Photo: Why Not Models Agency)


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