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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Nikola Jovanovic 様

Nikola Jovanovic 様

Guy Laroche SS15
Nikola Jovanovic0035_SS15 Guy Laroche

Nikola Jovanovic0038_SS15 Guy Laroche

Nikola Jovanovic0037_SS15 Guy Laroche

Nikola Jovanovic0036_SS15 Guy Laroche
Model: Nikola Jovanovic (Photo: guylaroche.com)


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  2. Nikola Jovanovic
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FW12/13 Milan Etro Close-Up

FW12/13 Milan Etro Close-Up
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Milan Etro064_Jakob Hybholt(VOGUE)
Jakob Hybholt

FW12 Milan Etro055_James Smith(VOGUE)
James Smith

FW12 Milan Etro058_Andre Bentzer(VOGUE)
Andre Bentzer

FW12 Milan Etro062_Tim Meiresone(VOGUE)
Tim Meiresone

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  2. Runway FW12/13
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Nikola Jovanovic 様

Nikola Jovanovic 様

GQ JAPAN January 2011

Nikola Jovanovic0050(GQ Japan_2012_01)

Nikola Jovanovic0051(GQ Japan_2012_01)

Nikola Jovanovic0052(GQ Japan_2012_01)

Nikola Jovanovic0053(GQ Japan_2012_01)

Nikola Jovanovic0054(GQ Japan_2012_01)

Nikola Jovanovic0055(GQ Japan_2012_01)
Model: Nikola Jovanovic (Photo: GQ JAPAN No.104 January 2011)
Photographer: Gordon Von Steiner
Fashion Editor: Grant Pearce
Hair: Roz Murray
Make-up: Angelique Velez

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Nikola Jovanovic 様

Nikola Jovanovic 様

Nikola Jovanovic0032(Viva models)
Nikola Jovanovic0031(Viva models)
Nikola Jovanovic0033(Viva models)
Nikola Jovanovic0030(Viva models)
Model: Nikola Jovanovic (Photo: VIVA Models)
source: The Fashionisto

赤い背景がBalmain Homme AW10のAdを髣髴とさせますね

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