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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo
Photo: Fashion Press
SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo003_Dzhovani Gospodinov(Fashion Press)
Dzhovani Gospodinov

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo004_Justin Sterling(Fashion Press)
Justin Sterling

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo005_Dominik Sadoch(Fashion Press)
Dominik Sadoch

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo008_Kristoffer Hasslevall(Fashion Press)
Kristoffer Hasslevall

SS14 Tokyo yoshio kubo019_Benjamin Jarvis(Fashion Press)
Benjamin Jarvis

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  2. Runway SS14
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Show Package Milan S/S 12 Independent

Show Package Milan S/S 12 Independent
Photo: MODELS.com
SS12_Milan Show Package Independent003_Gerrit Kramer(MODELScom)
Gerrit Kramer

大好きなGerrit Kramer様を今期も追跡いたします!!

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent001_Daniel Lonnstrom(MODELScom)
Daniel Lonnstrom

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent002_Dennis Dromer(MODELScom)
Dennis Droemer

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent004_Julien Nettersheim(MODELScom)
Julien Nettersheim

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent005_Lennart Richter(MODELScom)
Lennart Richter

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent006_Matthew Poile(MODELScom)
Matthew Poile

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent007_Maximiliano Patane(MODELScom)
Maximiliano Patane

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent008_Milo Spijkers(MODELScom)
Milo Spijkers

Milan&Paris Collectionでは多くのメゾンでご活躍です

SS12_Milan Show Package Independent009_Robson Fassbinder(MODELScom)
Robson Fassbinder

来日経験ありのRobson Fassbinder様は
ブラジル、サンパウロのAgency、Ten Model ManagementではRobson Fossbinderと登録されています
当Blogでは、こちらでご紹介しております→Robson Fossbinder 様

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Julien Nettersheim 様

Julien Nettersheim 様

GQ Japan January 2011
Julien Nettersheim5009(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Julien Nettersheim5010(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Julien Nettersheim5011(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Julien Nettersheim5012(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Julien Nettersheim5013(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Julien Nettersheim5014(GQ Japan92_2011_01)
Model: Julien Nettersheim (Photo: GQ Japan No.92 January 2011)
Photographs: Shun Sasaki @ LOOP MANAGEMENT
Styling: Noriko Sugitomo
Hair&Make-up: KANADA @ Image
Fashion Direction: Grant Pearce @ DLM

GQ Japan November 2010

Julien Nettersheim5001(GQ Japan90_2010_11)
Julien Nettersheim5002(GQ Japan90_2010_11)
Julien Nettersheim5003(GQ Japan90_2010_11)
Julien Nettersheim5004(GQ Japan90_2010_11)
Model: Maximiliano Patane,Vincent Hoogland & Julien Nettersheim
Photographs: Masaya Takagi
Fashion Editor: Masahiro Murase
Hair: HIRO for Balance @ Image
Make-up: Yoboon(Coccina)

Right-on Winter Collection 2010
Julien Nettersheim0017_Right-on Winter Collection 2010
Julien Nettersheim0016_Right-on Winter Collection 2010
Julien Nettersheim0018_Right-on December 2011
Julien Nettersheim0019_Right-on December 2011
Model: Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Right-on)

8月?11月までの長期滞在だったJulien Nettersheim様です

LEON December 2007
Julien Nettersheim5016(GOETHE2007_12)
Julien Nettersheim5015(GOETHE2007_12)
Model: Julien Nettersheim (Photo: LEON December 2007)
Photographs: Masaya Takagi
Fashion Editor: Masahiro Murase
Hair: HIRO for Balance @ Image
Make-up: Yoboon(Coccina)

Milan Collectionにもご出演でした
FW09/10 Dolce & Gabbana
Julien Nettersheim3012_FW09_Dolce & Gabbana(Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Jimmy@mh)

FW09/10 Giorgio Armani
Julien Nettersheim3009_FW09_Giorgio Armani(Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim3010_FW09_Giorgio Armani(Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Jimmy@mh)

FW09/10 Gaetano Navarra
Julien Nettersheim3006_FW09_Gaetano Navarra (Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim3007_FW09_Gaetano Navarra (Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Jimmy@mh)

Julien Nettersheim3001_SS10_U-NI-TY(Jimmy@mh)
Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Jimmy@mh)

Julien Nettersheim
height: 6'1"/185m
chest: 37"/95cm
waist: 30"/76cm
hips: 37"/96cm
suit: -
shoes: 28cm
hair: Blond
eyes: Blue

Place of Origin: Paris,France

IMM(Brussels,Belgium)mother agency
VNY(New York,US)

Julien Nettersheim0012(Bananas)
Julien Nettersheim0013(Bananas)
Julien Nettersheim0015(Bananas)
Julien Nettersheim0011(Bananas)
Julien Nettersheim (Photo: Bananas Models)

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  2. Julien Nettersheim
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