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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Isaac Carew 様

Issac Carew 様

MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013
"Color WONDER"

Isaac Carew0004(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0007(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0008(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0001(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0002(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0003(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0005(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)

Isaac Carew0006(MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)
Model: Isaac Carew (Photo: MEN'S CLUB No.627 May 2013)
Photographs: Lionel Guyou
Styling: Birgitte Mahrt
Hair: Terry Saxon (JED ROOT)


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Angus Low 様

Angus Low 様

The Ones 2 Watch
Fine Print

Angus Low0020_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare,Isaac Carew

Angus Low0021_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare,Greg Nawrat

Angus Low0022_The Ones 2 Watch_Johnny George,Zakaria Khiare

Angus Low0023_The Ones 2 Watch_Greg Nawrat

Angus Low0024_The Ones 2 Watch_Zakaria Khiare

Angus Low0025_The Ones 2 Watch_Isaac Carew,Johnny George
Models: Angus Low,Greg Nawrat,Zakaria Khiare,Johnny George & Isaac Carew (Photo: The Ones 2 Watch via heelscatchfire @ TFS)
Photography: Dario Salamone
Styling: Matteo Greco
Hair : Valentino Perini @ Atomo
Make-up: Chiara Guizzetti @ Green Apple

Tags:Angus_Low Greg_Nawrat Zakaria_Khiare Johnny_George Isaac_Carew 
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Isaac Carew 様

Isaac Carew 様

GQ Japan February 2012

Isaac Carew0001(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0002(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0003(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0004(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0005(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0006(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0007(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0008(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0009(GQ Japan2012_02)

Isaac Carew0010(GQ Japan2012_02)
Model: Isaac Carew (Photo: GQ Japan February 2012)
Photographs: Adrian Mesko
Fashion Editor: Grant Pearce
Hair&Make-up: Shirley A Losi

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Axel Gillot 様

Axel Gillot 様

GQ Japan November 2011

GQ Japan102_2011_11_005Isaac Carew&Alfred Kovac

Axel Gillot5002(GQ Japan102_2011_11)

GQ Japan102_2011_11_506Axel Gillot&Daisuke Ueda

GQ Japan102_2011_11_507Reid Prebenda

GQ Japan102_2011_11_508Daisuke Ueda

GQ Japan102_2011_11_509Isaac Carew
Model: Axel Gillot,Reid Prebenda,Daisuke Ueda,Isaac Carew & Alfred Kovac
(Photo: GQ Japan No.102 November 2011)
Photographs: Giampaolo Sgura
Fashion Director: Grant Pearce
Fashion Editor: Jacky Tam
Hair: Gabriele Trezzi
Make-up: Andrea Costa

Tags:Axel_Gillot Reid_Prebenda Daisuke_Ueda Isaac_Carew Alfred_Kovac GQ_Japan 
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