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Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

SS09 Milan Neil Barrett

SS09 Milan Neil Barrett
Photo: VOGUE.com
SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett001_Alex GilbertSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett002_Sebastian Lund
Alex Gilbert                                  Sebastian Lund

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett003_Boris KolesnikovSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett004_Gustaf McMahon
Boris Kolesnikov                               Gustaf McMahon

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett005_MateuszSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett006_Sean Harju
Mateusz                                    Sean Harju

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett007_Matt BenseadSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett008_Thibault Oberlin
Matt Bensead                                Thibault Oberlin

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett009_Lukas BossertSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett010_Eddie Tucker
Lukas Bossert                                 Eddie Tucker

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett011_Nick SniderSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett012_Jesper Lund
Nick Snider                                  Jesper Lund

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett013_Paul StiellSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett014_Julien Quevenne
Paul Stiell                                  Julien Quevenne

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett015_Matthew HittSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett016_Lucien Thomkins
Matthew Hitt                                 Lucien Thomkins

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett017_Kevin FlammeSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett018_Boris Kolesnikov
Kevin Flamme                                 Boris Kolesnikov

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett019_Jacob AlexanderSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett020_John Hayward
Jacob Alexander                               John Hayward

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett021_Caleb HalsteadSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett022_Danny Beauchamp
Caleb Halstead                                Danny Beauchamp

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett023_Romain SergentSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett024_Borys Starosz
Romain Sergent                                Borys Starosz

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett025_Danny SchwarzSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett026_Mateusz
Danny Schwarz                                 Mateusz

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett027_Sebastian LundSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett028_Thibault Oberlin
Sebastian Lund                                Thibault Oberlin

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett029_Sean HarjuSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett030_Boris Kolesnikov
Sean Harju                                  Boris Kolesnikov

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett031_Matt BenseadSS09_Milan_Neil Barrett032_Gustaf McMahon
_Matt Bensead                                Gustaf McMahon

SS09_Milan_Neil Barrett033_Alex Gilbert
Alex Gilbert

SS09 Milan Neil Barrett BS
Photo: Neil Barrett
SS09_Milan Neil Barrett201_Eddie Tucker
Eddie Tucker & Borys Starosz

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett202_Jesper,Sebastian Lund
Jespar & Sebastian Lund

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett203_Sebastian Lund
Sebastian Lund

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett204_Lucien Thomkins
Lucien Thomkins,Kevin Flamme & Jacob Alexander

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett205_Nick Snider
Eddie Tucker & Nick Snider

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett206_Nick Snider,Jesper Lund
Nick Snider & Jesper Lund

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett207_Alex Gilbert
Alex Gilbert

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett208_Sebastian Lund
Sebastian Lund

SS09 Milan Neil Barrett Portraits
Photo: Neil Barrett
SS09_Milan Neil Barrett001_Alex GilbertSS09_Milan Neil Barrett002_Alex GilbertSS09_Milan Neil Barrett003_Alex Gilbert
Alex Gilbert

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett004_Mattew HittSS09_Milan Neil Barrett007_Sean Harju
Mattew Hitt                         Sean Harju

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett005_Matt BensteadSS09_Milan Neil Barrett006_Matt Benstead
Matt Benstead

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett008_Eddie TuckerSS09_Milan Neil Barrett009_Lucien Thomkins
Eddie Tucker                         Lucien Thomkins

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett010_Sebastian LundSS09_Milan Neil Barrett014_Jesper Lund
Sebastian Lund                         Jesper Lund

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett011_John HaywardSS09_Milan Neil Barrett012_Paul Stiell
John Hayward                          Paul Stiell

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett013_Lukas BossertSS09_Milan Neil Barrett015_Borys Starosz
Lukas Bossert                          Borys Starosz

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett016_Caleb HalsteadSS09_Milan Neil Barrett017_Caleb Halstead
Caleb Halstead

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett018_MateuszSS09_Milan Neil Barrett019_Mateusz

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett020_Boris KolesnikovSS09_Milan Neil Barrett021_Romain Sergent
Boris Kolesnikov                         Romain Sergent

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett022_Thibault OberlinSS09_Milan Neil Barrett025_Gustaf McMahon
Thibault Oberlin                         Gustaf McMahon

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett023_Kevin FlammeSS09_Milan Neil Barrett024_Kevin Flamme
Kevin Flamme

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett026_Julien QuevenneSS09_Milan Neil Barrett027_Julien Quevenne
Julien Quevenne

SS09_Milan Neil Barrett028_Danny SchwarzSS09_Milan Neil Barrett029_Danny SchwarzSS09_Milan Neil Barrett030_Danny Schwarz
Danny Schwarz

Reference of Models Name: lizzylily@modelhommes


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Swede Boys in Cafe Magazine

Cafe Magazine

Peter Gehrke0015_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0021_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0013_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0020_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0022_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0016_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0014_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0019_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0018_Cafe Magazine
Peter Gehrke0017_Cafe Magazine
Model: Axel Tiderman,Tobias Lundh,Per Landahl,Gustaf McMahon,
Andre Bentzer,Oscar Spendrup,Wiktor Hansson,Charlie Westerberg
Photo: Peter Gehrke Official Website
Photographs: Peter Gehrke


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