Excellent Male Model

Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Elvis Jankus 様

Elvis Jankus 様

SS15 London Dunhill
Elvis Jankus3191_SS15 London Dunhill(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3192_SS15 London Dunhill(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 London Lee Roach
Elvis Jankus3194_SS15 London Lee Roach(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3195_SS15 London Lee Roach(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 London Pringle of Scotland
Elvis Jankus3197_SS15 London Pringle of Scotland(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 London Xander Zhou
Elvis Jankus3199_SS15 London Xander Zhou(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 Milan John Varvatos
Elvis Jankus3201_SS15 Milan John Varvatos(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 Milan Philipp Plein
Elvis Jankus3203_SS15 Milan Philipp Plein(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3204_SS15 Milan Philipp Plein(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 Milan Salvatore Ferragamo
Elvis Jankus3206_SS15 Milan Salvatore Ferragamo(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 Paris Christophe Lemaire
Elvis Jankus3208_SS15 Paris Christophe Lemaire(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3210_SS15 Paris Christophe Lemaire(fashionising.com)

Elvis Jankus3209_SS15 Paris Christophe Lemaire(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE & fashionising.com)

SS15 Paris Dries Van Noten
Elvis Jankus3211_SS15 Paris Dries Van Noten(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)

SS15 Paris Frankie Morello
Elvis Jankus3211_SS15 Paris Frankie Morello(fashionising.com)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: fashionising.com)

SS15 Paris Thom Browne
Elvis Jankus3213_SS15 Paris Thom Browne(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3214_SS15 Paris Thom Browne(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3215_SS15 Paris Thom Browne(VOGUE)

Elvis Jankus3216_SS15 Paris Thom Browne(VOGUE)
Elvis Jankus (Photo: VOGUE)


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