Excellent Male Model

Introduction of my favorite foreign male models.

Douglas Neitzke 様

Douglas Neitzke 様

Douglas Neitzke0309_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Douglas Neitzke0310_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Douglas Neitzke0308_COMME CA ISM 2012_12
Models: Douglas Neitzke & Dennis Jager (Photo: COMME ÇA ISM flier of newspaper)


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  1. 2012/12/29(土) 22:40:31|
  2. Douglas Neitzke
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Dennis Jager 様

Dennis Jager 様

Dennis Jager0094_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0095_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0096_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0101_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0099_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0098_COMME CA ISM 2012_12

Dennis Jager0097_COMME CA ISM 2012_12
Models: Dennis Jager & Douglas Neitzke (Photo: COMME ÇA ISM flier of newspaper)

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  1. 2012/12/29(土) 22:34:57|
  2. Dennis Jager
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Wilson Steve 様

Wilson Steve 様

UOMO Decemebr 2012
Wilson Steve0001(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0002(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0004(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0005(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0008(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0013(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0014(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0015(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0016(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0009(UOMO93_2012_12)

Wilson Steve0010(UOMO93_2012_12)
Model: Wilson Steve & Dennis Jager (Photo: UOMO December 2012)
Photographs: Kazuki Nagayama(S-14)
Styling: Atsushi Hashimoto(switch management)
Hair&Make-up: AMANO

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  1. 2012/12/16(日) 19:30:22|
  2. Wilson Steve
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Dennis Jager 様

Dennis Jager 様

SS13 Tokyo Factotum
Dennis Jager3145_SS13 Tokyo Factotum(Fashion Press)

Dennis Jager3147_SS13 Tokyo Factotum(Fashion Press)
Dennis Jager (Photo: Fashion Press)

SS13 Tokyo ato
Dennis Jager3168_SS13 Tokyo ato(Fashion Press)
Dennis Jager (Photo: Fashion Press)

Dennis Jager3172_SS13 Tokyo ato(apparel-web.com)

Dennis Jager3174_SS13 Tokyo ato(apparel-web.com)
Dennis Jager (Photo: apparel-web.com)

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  1. 2012/11/04(日) 09:44:10|
  2. Dennis Jager
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SS13 Tokyo ato

SS13 Tokyo ato
Photo: Fashionsnap.com & FASHION PRESS
SS13 Tokyo ato001_Benjamin Jarvis,Duco Ferwerda,Moritz Fuller(Fashion Prss)
Benjamin Jarvis,Duco Ferwerda & Moritz Fuller

SS13 Tokyo ato103_Duco Ferwerda(Fashionsnap)

SS13 Tokyo ato018_1_Duco Ferwerda(Fashion Prss)

SS13 Tokyo ato040_Duco Ferwerda(Fashion Prss)
Duco Ferwerda

SS13 Tokyo ato104_Benjamin Jarvis(Fashionsnap)

SS13 Tokyo ato019_Benjamin Jarvis(Fashion Prss)

SS13 Tokyo ato042_Benjamin Jarvis(Fashion Prss)
Benjamin Jarvis

SS13 Tokyo ato105_Moritz Fuller(Fashionsnap)

SS13 Tokyo ato017_Moritz Fuller(Fashion Prss)

SS13 Tokyo ato038_Moritz Fuller(Fashion Prss)
Moritz Fuller

オープニングに登場したDuco Ferwerda様、Benjamin Jarvis様、Moritz Fuller様の3人は

Duco Ferwerda様のヘアスタイルが完璧!(ため息・・・)

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  1. 2012/10/21(日) 10:22:28|
  2. Runway SS13
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