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Conrad Leadley 様

Conrad Leadley 様

ABAHOUSE LASTWORD Autumn & Winter 2012
Conrad Leadley0033_ABAHOUSE FW12

Conrad Leadley0037_ABAHOUSE FW12(Glam Beast).jpg

Conrad Leadley0034_ABAHOUSE FW12

Conrad Leadley0037_AHOUSE FW12

Conrad Leadley0035_ABAHOUSE FW12

Conrad Leadley0031_ABAHOUSE FW12

Conrad Leadley0032_ABAHOUSE FW12
Model: Conrad Leadley (Photo: Glam Beast & ABAHOUSE LASTWORD)
Photography: Takeshi Hanzawa
Styling: Shinichi Mita (KiKi inc.)
hair & Grooming: Shinji Konishi (KiKi inc.)

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  2. Conrad Leadley
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Conrad Leadley 様

Conrad Leadley 様

ripvanwinkle Spring & Summer 2012
Conrad Leadley0019_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0020_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0023_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0024_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0029_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0018_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0021_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0022_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0025_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0026_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0027_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0028_ripvanwinkle SS12

Conrad Leadley0030_ripvanwinkle SS12
Model: Conrad Leadley (Photo: ripvanwinkle)

昨年の11月下旬から1ヶ月ほど来日されていた英国人Model,Conrad Leadley様をやっと見つけることができました

Conrad Leadley
height: 6'2"/188cm
chest: 38"/97cm
waist: 30"/76cm
hips: -
suit: -
shoes: 45EU/ 10UK/11US
hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
agency: Next London(London,UK)
Independent Men(Milan,Italy)
Mrga Model Agency(Hamberg or Berlin,Germany)

Milan&Paris Collectionにもご出演でした

SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen
Conrad Leadley3001_SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)

Conrad Leadley3003_SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)

Conrad Leadley3002_SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)

Conrad Leadley3004_SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)
Conrad Leadley(Photo: VOGUE)

FW12 Milan Bottega Veneta
Conrad Leadley3005_FW12 Milan Bottega Veneta(VOGUE)

Conrad Leadley3006_FW12 Milan Bottega Veneta(VOGUE)
Conrad Leadley(Photo: VOGUE)

FW12 Milan Gucci
Conrad Leadley3007_FW12 Milan Gucci(VOGUE)

Conrad Leadley3008_FW12 Milan Gucci(VOGUE)
Conrad Leadley(Photo: VOGUE)

FW12 Paris Lanvin
Conrad Leadley3009_FW12 Paris Lanvin(VOGUE)

Conrad Leadley3010_FW12 Paris Lanvin(VOGUE)
Conrad Leadley(Photo: VOGUE)

Conrad Leadley0003(Success)Conrad Leadley0001(Success)

Conrad Leadley0004(Success)Conrad Leadley0002(Success)

Conrad Leadley0006(Success)Conrad Leadley0005(Success)
Conrad Leadley (Photo: Success)

Conrad Leadley0012(Mega)Conrad Leadley0011(Mega)

Conrad Leadley0007(Mega)Conrad Leadley0008(Mega)

Conrad Leadley0009(Mega)Conrad Leadley0010(Mega)

Conrad Leadley0013(Mega)Conrad Leadley0014(Mega)

Conrad Leadley0015(Mega)Conrad Leadley0016(Mega)

Conrad Leadley0017(Mega)
Conrad Leadley (Photo: Mega Model Agency)

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  2. Conrad Leadley
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FW12/13 Milan Gucci

FW12/13 Milan Gucci
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Milan Gucci005_Antoine de Bauvais(VOGUE)
Antoine de Bauvais

FW12 Milan Gucci009_Justus Eisfeld(VOGUE)
Justus Eisfeld

FW12 Milan Gucci014_Tomek Szczukiecki(VOGUE)
Tomek Szczukiecki

FW12 Milan Gucci022_Greg Nawrat(VOGUE)
Greg Nawrat

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  2. Runway FW12/13
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FW12/13 Milan Gucci Close-Up

FW12/13 Milan Gucci Close-Up
Photo: VOGUE
FW12 Milan Gucci054_Antoine de Bauvais(VOGUE)
Antoine de Bauvais

FW12 Milan Gucci055_Mark Cox(VOGUE)
Mark Cox

FW12 Milan Gucci063_Conrad Leadley(VOGUE)
Conrad Leadley

FW12 Milan Gucci069_Tomek Szczukiecki(VOGUE)
Tomek Szczukiecki

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  2. Runway FW12/13
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Paul Boche 様

Paul Boche 様

SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen
Paul Boche3261_SS12_Milan_Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3262_SS12_Milan_Alexander McQueen(VOGUEcom)
Paul Boche (Photo: VOGUE.com)

SS12 Milan Alexander McQueen BS
Paul Boche3263_SS12_Milan_Alexander McQueen(Photo of the Moment)
Paul Boche (Photo: Photo of the Moment)
Photographer: Sonny Vandevelde

SS12 Milan Pringle of Scotland
Paul Boche3265_SS12 Milan Pringle of Scotland (VOGUEcom)
Paul Boche,Christoph Ribbe & Conrad Leadley (Photo: VOGUE.com)

SS12 Paris Rick Owens
Paul Boche3267_SS12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3269_SS12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3268_SS12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3270_SS12 Paris Rick Owens(VOGUEcom)
Paul Boche (Photo: VOGUE.com)

SS12 Paris Songzio
Paul Boche3276_SS12 Paris Songzio(Homme Model)

Paul Boche3277_SS12 Paris Songzio(Homme Model)
Paul Boche (Photo: Homme Model)

Paul Boche3272_SS12 Paris Songzio(fmag)Paul Boche3273_SS12 Paris Songzio(fmag)

Paul Boche3274_SS12 Paris Songzio(fmag)Paul Boche3275_SS12 Paris Songzio(fmag)
Paul Boche (Photo: Fashion Mag)

SS12 Songzio BS
Paul Boche3278_SS12 Paris Songzio(Photo of the Moment)
Paul Boche (Photo: Photo of the Moment)
Photographer: Kevin Tachman

SS12 Paris Dior Homme
Paul Boche3279_SS12 Paris Dior Homme(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3281_SS12 Paris Dior Homme(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3280_SS12 Paris Dior Homme(VOGUEcom)

Paul Boche3282_SS12 Paris Dior Homme(VOGUEcom)
Paul Boche (Photo: VOGUE.com)

SS12 Paris Damir Doma
Paul Boche3284_SS12 Paris Damir Doma(fmag)Paul Boche3285_SS12 Paris Damir Doma(fmag)
Paul Boche (Photo: Fashion Mag)

SS12 Paris Julius
Paul Boche3287_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)Paul Boche3288_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)

Paul Boche3289_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)Paul Boche3290_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)

Paul Boche3291_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)Paul Boche3292_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)

Paul Boche3293_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)Paul Boche3294_SS12 Paris Julius(fmag)
Paul Boche (Photo: Fashion Mag)

SS12 Paris Juun.J
Paul Boche3296_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)Paul Boche3297_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)

Paul Boche3298_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)Paul Boche3299_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)

Paul Boche3300_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)Paul Boche3301_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)

Paul Boche3302_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)Paul Boche3303_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)

Paul Boche3304_SS12 Paris Juun J(fmag)
Paul Boche (Photo: Fashion Mag)

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